One Flies Back to the Empty Nest

I love going home. I really do. I simply do not understand friends that dread going home or annoyed when being called to visit their household and parent(s). Friends who text me on vacation breaks exclaiming how they “can’t wait to get back to school” or “I need to get out of my parents house”. Granted, I do have these thoughts at times after about 2-3 weeks of no social life like the one I have back at school; but it is the comfort of being in a place I know so well with people I love that overrules those feelings. Almost always when considering colleges, both parents and students mostly have a concern about the “distance” from their hometown. Some parents would like closer, some students want further. Me? I wanted pretty far but with always a clear option of being able to get back home. To tell the truth, I have been agitated or bored when I’m home, but I always still get that gut feeling of not wanting to leave when I have to.

Empty nest. If you’re not familiar with this term, it symbolizes the empty home of parents when their children have finally flown from the coup off to [more commonly] college. So it was not until I went to college that my mother was finally left in an “empty nest”… with our dog. Now let me explain that me, my mom, and older brother are very close. So when my brother went off to college two years before I did, my mom and I would try as much to see him as we could. He also never shied away from making a visit here and there down to us, reuniting our little clan. What I did not understand was that we seemed to make more trips up to my brother than he was coming down. I finally realized the reason when I started to make the journey back home. As much as I would like to go home, there are other externalities that factor in such a decision:

  • Distance. For the first three years I was at Florida State, my home was about seven hours away (nine on the bus). My mom has recently moved more west, lessening the trip, but only to five hours.
  • Events. I became both a very active student on campus and off campus limiting many of my weekends. Not to mention for some horrible reason, five of my semesters I had both Friday and Monday classes lessening a weekend of travel to just really one day at home.
  • Drive. Have I mentioned how long that drive is?

Yet, all these factors became trivial as I always anticipated being in my original bed with my own TV (a commodity I decided to go without at school), my couchmy mom, and my precious dog Simba. So, it may be the unique closeness of my family or the appreciation I just have for the natural comfort of my home, but this is just a bird who loves to fly back to the nest. 


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