5 Facts About Oscars Sunday

Ellen Degeneres hosting 86th Academy Awards

I am an avid award show watcher. Really. It’s been like this ever since I was allowed to stay up past 10 pm. Not just because of my fascination and love for the television/film industry, but for the whole production as well; and the Academy Awards, of course, are one of my favorites. However, it becomes my ultimate favorite when the year has held a strong season of films, and this year was nothing less of it. In fact, this may be the most enjoyable year of film I have seen in possibly the last decade. I know this is true because this is the first time I have seen 5 of the 9 Best Picture nominees (Captain Phillips, American Hustle, 12 Years a Slave, Wolf of Wall Street, Dallas Buyers Club) before the actual Academy Awards. [A personal best record of mine] Not only did I see them, but I wanted to see them, and that is a big difference. This is also not including the many other worthy contenders which I saw that were of thought during this season but just did not make it to the last cut. Overall, you cannot deny that this 2013-2014 season of film has been nothing short of amazing which I will be expecting to be conveyed through the always long, yet still entertaining- show. I am very excited. So here are 5 facts about tonight’s 86th Academy Awards:

1. The audience will be stacked |  Besides the already substantial list of nominees, I am also banking on a beautiful list of red carpet moments, classic moments (many of the nominees are first-timers/could be first time winners), presenters and awesome montages!

2. Ellen DeGeneres will be hilarious | There are just some things you can’t deny. Ice cream is a classic dessert. Idris Elba is a good looking man. And Ellen DeGeneres is one of the funniest hosts … ever. You do not get asked back to host because your first time was okay, but you get asked back because you were that right fit (i.e. Billy Crystal & Whoopi Goldberg). I just had this conversation with someone the other day. Last year, the task was taken on by Family Guy voice & creator Seth McFarlane, who I think gave a pretty okay job. He had many jokes but just were not hitting the right people. To be a host, especially of an award show like the Oscars, you have to come in with an already established relationship with most of the talent. In the case of these past two Golden Globes shows where Amy & Tina have thrown plentiful shots at many of the celebrities, they all came across as awesome jokes because they have that kind of repertoire with their audience, and most being friends. Billy had it, Whoopi had it, and Ellen certainly has it.

3. Pharrell Williams will look cool | Besides him drinking from the everlasting fountain of youth, this year has been his. A previous musical director of the Oscars, we can expect Pharrell to not only snazz up the red carpet (we’re still talking about his Grammys hat), but to brighten up the telecast when he takes the stage to perform his nominated jam “Happy”. I will be expecting plenty of what I have termed his ‘I’ve been making money’ dance all over the stage. I would not even be surprised if he had a couple of special guests up there with him.

4. Lupita Nyong’o will shut down the red carpet | That is all. (see below for further proof)United Colors of Lupita

5. Whoever wins will be deserving of the award | With an awards season of such a range of unique films, I can conclude that whoever takes home an Oscar deserves it because of the special craft they put forth this year. Withstanding the nominated films, the whole season was just packed with amazingness which is why I could tell from the beginning this was shaping up to be a memorable year of film. Oh yeah, I was so right. Especially, with main categories and their praise-worthy group of nominees, it also brings into debate that old question, is the winner really the best of the group or just more exceptional? [which is a whole other post to talk about] Now I am also not saying that I am not siding with certain nominees over another. Of course I am, it’s still an awards show and I have seen most of the films (remember my personal best). I have certain thoughts like: if Lupita does not win for supporting actress I will have a few bones to pick, with such patterns and statistics I would conclude Jared Leto will be taking home his first Oscar tonight (rightfully so), she is not at the front but Amy Adams still has my vote, I have hopped on that McConaughey train and would be in disbelief if he didn’t win and the same if 12 Years A Slave did not take the last award. Yet, can there still be unexpected winners? Yes. Are the main categories of Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Director & Film still pretty much up for grabs? Yes. But that is what makes the season so amazing and no matter who takes the Oscar, with such great performances it would be hard to say that they are not deserving of it. Point blank: it was an outstanding season.

Ain’t no Oscars Sunday like an Oscars Sunday when an Oscars Sunday is at its top!



3 comments on “5 Facts About Oscars Sunday

  1. This was a very cool post. Loved the Lupita section. I agree that all the nominees are deserving of the award in most sections. Except Jennifer Lawrence, for some reason I feel like her performance was over rated. Anyways if you could check out my blog that’d be great. A friend and I did a bunch of predictions for tonight!

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