Primetime Emmy Nominations 2014: My Snappy Judgements

Michael Ausiello has spoken the truth. I’m not sure if there will ever come a morning of nomination announcements that will not ignite the mass calling of “snubs”, but this morning, watching the Emmy nominations, my emotions were all the way up and all the way down.

They went up for Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife), Kerry Washington (Scandal), and Robin Wright (House of Cards) for Lead Actress; but down when I found out that Bellamy Young (Scandal) had received no mention for her villain-turned-favorite season as First Lady Mellie Grant. I could have sworn Shonda Rhimes wrote season 3 for her and Bellamy had rightfully stepped up to the plate, putting on a commanding performance each episode. But then my emotions were back up for Kevin Spacey (House of Cards) in Lead Actor, Josh Charles (The Good Wife) – Supporting Actor, Christine Baranski (The Good Wife) – Supporting Actress, Joe Morton (Scandal) – Guest Actor & Angela Bassett (AHS: Coven) – Supporting Actress, plus all The Normal Heart & Orange is the New Black love. But after all this happiness, I was first hit with confusion as I saw Jeff Daniels name go up for Lead Actor, thinking to myself “I like the Newsroom, but hasn’t it been a year since it came on?” and then Modern Family once again being called for what I thought of as an okay season. (Worst: Carson Daly got to announce his own program (The Voice), and Mindy Kaling didn’t). But what enraged me?! After hearing all six nominees for Best Drama, The Good Wife was not one of them!


I already commented on Ausiello’s original post capturing some of my outrage still flowing from this morning, so I am just going to post it with this reblog so I don’t have to revisit those emotions again … until August 25th.

“You are in my mind!! But the biggest snub I am not over is still THE GOOD WIFE!! I couldn’t believe it! The Good Wife had its best season, actually, one of the greatest seasons on television and definitely earned a spot in the Best Drama Series. And now I am outraged that “Hitting the Fan” wasn’t even recognized in the writing or directing category. OUTRAGE. Let’s just say, one of those slots could have easily been given to them (cough* Mad Men*). Sorry to those fans, but The Good Wife did in five episodes what Mad Men is trying to do over two years. I’m just, come onnn! “


The 2014 Emmy nominations were, as per usual, both thrilling and infuriating (mostly the latter). For every inspired nod (congrats, Kate McKinnon!) there was one that had me scratching the skin off my scalp (no best drama nod for The Good Wife?!). So without further adieu, I give you the good, the bad and the downright ugly from this year’s list.

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I’m Super-Ecstatic About:
* The Academy recognizing True Detective‘s unsung hero Woody Harrelson (in addition to, of course, Matthew McConaughey).
* Masters of Sex‘s Lizzy Caplan scoring a best lead actress nod. Ditto co-star Allison Janney (in guest actress).
* The Good Wife‘s Josh Charles getting recognized for his [SPOILER ALERT] final season. Also, co-star Julianna Margulies scoring a nod after being overlooked last year.
* All the love for Fargo. 
* The best comedy nomination for Silicon…

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