Checking Out & Committed To: My Fall 2014 TV List

  Aaaaaah YEAH! It’s that beautiful time of the year. The temperature takes a little drop, sweaters will begin to come out, leaves will change and primetime television is reignited with stacked schedules of fresh programming from 8 pm to 10pm. Sunday thru Friday. Drama to Comedy. Thirty minutes to an Hour. Y’all, fall shows are back!


Each season, I highly anticipate the return of my favorites especially if their “don’t care about my feelings” producers and writers leave me grasping for more like Robert & Michelle King (The Good Wife), Shonda Rhimes (Scandal), and Alex Kurtzman (Sleepy Hollow). [Point of clarification: these people are part of teams that stay messing with my life] In addition to those returning, there are also a couple of new series I’ll be checking out to see if the publicity matches the material. This fall there are a handful of new series that I am really excited for, and if you are not a TV over-lover, such as myself, I still think you may want to take a look at what’s going to be on. I have yet to watch a full episode of these new series or new seasons, but I’m gathering my opinion through trailers, sneak peaks, articles and critic reviews. Ultimately people, after a long day of work, class, hustlin’- whatever, there’s going to be some good viewing to unwind to, and I want you to be aware of that! So let’s talk about some shows worth checking out, and some great ones I’m committed to which you may want to finally hop on.

Checking Out 

Madam Secretary (premieres Sunday, 9/21 at 8 pm on CBS) | Former CIA analyst, now college professor, Elizabeth McCord is suddenly called to fill an open position. That call comes from the President of the United States, and the position is Secretary of State. 

Madam Secretary – First Look

All I know is that this cast is lead by veteran Téa Leoni (Fun with Dick & Jane) who brings both a down-to-earth charisma, and commanding personality to her character. It seems that McCord comes across as the woman you want on your team and never want to cross. Tony-Award winner Patina Miller makes an appearance as a member of the pre-assembled team for McCord, and it looks like there may be some witty banter between all; including an early exchange between McCord and one of her college students, perhaps foreshadowing her approach to D.C.

Gotham (premieres Monday 9/22 at 8 pm on FOX) | We get introduced to the city of Gotham not from a superhero’s point of view, but from average citizen and one of Batman’s biggest supporter, a young Detective Jim Gordon. It’s the horrid Gotham we love to watch but would be scared to live in. 

Worth checking out because why would you not watch a project set in Gotham? Not only do we get a different perspective from Detective Gordon who has always been the second or third storyline to the caped crusader, but also we will get to see the development of some of the most heinous villains like Riddler and Penguin. Still, don’t expect to see Batman dropping down in dark alleys anytime soon as it looks like we get introduced to a very young Bruce Wayne, the witness to a crime Batman fans know all too well. 

State of Affairs (*premieres Monday, 11/17 at 10 pm on NBC) | Katherine Heigl is a CIA analyst, Charleston Tucker, who gets moved from the field to report directly to the President about America’s highest critical threats.  

I’m giving this one a slight gander because Katherine Heigl is back. Cool. Alfre Woodard is in it. Nice. Heigl is a CIA analyst who reports directly to the President about national threats. Okay. Alfre Woodard plays the President who lost a son to terrorist actions and aids Tucker’s direction in finding those responsible for his murder, who also was her fiancé. Yep, they got me.  

State of Affairs Trailer

black-ish (premieres Wednesday 9/24 at 9:30 pm on ABC) | It’s like the generational show for every Black child who was once and still is that “token one” and what if your family decided to teach you how to fully embrace it. Like if your Black non-Jewish parents let you have a bar mitzvah, but made it 1980s hip hop themed. Well that’s what the show’s family, the Johnsons, would do. 

Giving it a slot in my week because the title. 

… Just kidding. … but really, it’s the like the perfect title that describes something to those who can understand but still leave us wondering what it will still really be about. Also for those who have no idea what the title could entail, you could see something different. No matter if it hits or misses, it’s certainly a conversation starter. Did I mention Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross are the parents of this household? And Laurence Fishburne as one knowledgeable grandparent to four Black grandchildren? 10 points in diversity for ABC.

How To Get Away With Murder (premieres Thursday 9/25 at 10 pm on ABC) | When law school students take “getting an ‘A’” too seriously to impress their law professor who is also a demanding, powerful, no nonsense attorney. And like any Shonda-produced drama, things get a little cray … cray. 

Look everybody: it’s a six-word show title, this has to be good! There’s two-time Oscar nominee Viola Davis taking her talents to TV in a role that is described as powerful, sexy, and messy. If you look close enough in the trailer, you could even briefly see some other scandalous acting ability that Viola rarely uses. Plus, who doesn’t love to watch a group of competitive fresh faces slowly be tested and tainted. Uh, I think we all do. 

How To Get Away With Murder – Trailer

Committed To … But You Should Check It Out 

The Good Wife (premieres Sunday 9/21 at 9 pm on CBS) | All you need to know is that this show came off its best season yet, and the writers/producers will seek to keep it there. Last we left Cook County, Alicia Florrick was propositioned to run for State’s Attorney, new Governor Peter Florrick was in the midst of a bad decision, and Diane Lockhart secretly pitched leaving her own firm to join Alicia’s. I have also learned that Sir Taye Diggs will have a recurring guest spot, and his character will be one to remember. DAMMIT, IT’S THE BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION PEOPLE! 

Sleepy Hollow (premieres Monday 9/22 at 9 pm on FOX) | At first I was afraid, I was petrified because the show is freakin’ scary! But now a scary I love to watch. I can’t even go into much detail because the basis of the show is already so intricate. The chemistry and budding partnership between English time-traveler Ichabod Crane (cutie Tom Mison) and local detective Abbie Mills (my girl Nicole Beharie) is reason enough to begin watching, and if you have ever questioned anything about American history like why Benedict Arnold became a traitor, Sleepy Hollow has a tale for you.

American Horror Story: Freak Show (*premieres Wednesday 10/8 at 10 pm on FX) | I watch some twisted isht sometimes so I get that kind of fix from American Horror Story because, it gives it to me. This new game, same players season is so out there that it has been paralleled more to AHS: Asylum than the last season of glamorous witches in AHS: Coven. You know how I can already tell this comparison will hold water? Ryan Murphy gave Sarah Paulson two heads and Angela Bassett three breasts. Do the math, isht is already twisted. 

American Horror Story: Freak Show

Scandal (premieres Thursday 9/25 at 9 pm on ABC) | Psh. I mean if you haven’t found a reason yet to check out at least one episode of the show that took America by storm after its first season aired and during its second season (seriously, I witnessed it), then I’m not sure what to tell you. If you finally want to take a glance, it begins an hour earlier than its past seasons. Remember that, don’t be that person. But for all my Gladiators who are waiting patiently to see what the heck is going on, know that Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) was seen on a beach. I physically saw it. That’s all I got.

(… And another post fully dedicated on what to expect in the upcoming season) 

Parenthood (premieres Thursday 9/25 at 10 pm on NBC) | The final season. All the more reason to give an eye to this family drama. It’s not so much for the ones who can cry on the drop a dime, because then you’ll probably cry so much in an episode you won’t actually be watching it. Seriously, it takes a lot for me to cry during a show and I have probably cried at least twice each season. Some happy tears, some heartbreaking.

According to my sources, this last season will not be holding back on the emotion scale. Jesus, be a fence. It is a greatly underestimated show, so before they go, and you’re looking for some good ole family TV, take some time to hang with the Bravermans over on NBC. 

  Hopefully this provided you a little insight into one or two shows you can fill some idle time or your DVR with, like I will be doing. I also can’t forget about mentioning the returns of Modern Family (premieres Wednesday, 9/24 at 9 pm on ABC), Grey’s Anatomy (premieres Thursday, 9/25 at 8 pm on ABC) and The Newsroom (premieres Sunday, 11/9 at 10 pm on HBO), ones that will also be on my list, and fine programming as well. For some of these new series which are actually producing different stories and a diverse list of characters, I hope they in fact do live up to the hype. So as the week of September 21st begins, you can find me live-tweeting or delay tweeting (ya girl is werkin’ too) about my favorite shows bringing me TV life, and hopefully some of these new ones satisfying me. Even if its ten episodes until the mid break or a kind of janky storyline in the beginning: damn, it still feels good to have my shows back!

Did I miss anything? Should I check out a returning show or new series? Let me know! Comment or tweet me, I’m always looking for some fine entertainment.

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