2015 Golden Globe Awards: The Moments I Will Remember

This past Sunday was the Golden Globes presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press and the first of the film awards most notable trifecta (Globes, SAG, Oscars). Of course like any other award shows, there was the funny, the awkward, the tear-jerking, and the snubbing. But, I especially have developed a kind of love/hate relationship with the Globes. I love the HFPA because they always seem to remember that diversity is a needed thing and try as much to pull a variety of nominations. Also, they provide cocktails which always provides for some random funny times. Yet, I slightly hate them (more like just a little dislike) because I do not understand anything about their voting or committee. Still, that is just a small thing in the large spectrum of just watching another awards show. Because it is time for big budget, big-action films to take a step back while all focus comes to the smaller budget and more character-driven films. People, awards season has started, so let’s look at some of my favorite moments from the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards.

Yes, after two hilarious years, this was the last year the Golden Globes would be gifted with the hosting presence of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Every year Amy & Tina brought sharp comedy as they were not afraid to aim at stereotypes and voice what everyone was really thinking. And their opening monologue this year did not let up on that. They made shots at the debacle of Sony’s The Interview:

(Tina) Tonight we celebrate all the great television shows we know and love, as well as all the movies that North Korea was okay with. [Amy] That’s right! The biggest story in Hollywood this year was when North Korea threatened an attack of Sony Pictures released ‘The Interview’, forcing us all to pretend we wanted to see it

Once again they couldn’t keep away from Clooney (see Gravity joke circa 2014) who was there to receive the Lifetime Achievement Cecil B. DeMille Award with new wife and acclaimed civil rights lawyer, Amal Clooney

(Tina) Amal is a human rights lawyer who worked on the Enron case, was an adviser to Kofi Annan regarding Syria, and was selected for a three-person UN commission investigating rules of war violations in the Gaza Strip… So tonight, her husband is getting a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Then they busted out in a great impromptu game of “Who Would You Rather” calling out the likes of Colin Farrell vs. Colin Firth and Ed Norton vs. Mark Ruffalo.

Of course they tried as much as possible to poke a joke at each of the nominated films including one of the historical (and greatest) films, Selma

[Tina] “The movie Selma is about the American Civil Rights Movement, that totally worked and now everything’s fine”
And lastly, already warning those that jokes about Bill Cosby were not off limits, they neared the end of their monologue with about three of them. The first getting a big groan/kind of laugh from the audience as well as me, then a few chuckles and a bit more. As a Cosby fan, I did feel a bit awkward but in the end I laughed a little, because hey, it was Amy & Tina’s last year.

There were some other funny moments like Julianna Margulies and Don Cheadle being on hand to present “their great friend” George Clooney with the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Don challenged Julianna about being a “great friend” saying “After all, we were in Ocean’s Eleven 11, 12 & 13” Julianna spat back “Who wasn’t?” and then went on to explain “I on the other hand did over 100 episodes of ‘ER’ with George … and I kissed him” and Don retaliated “Who hasn’t?”. The bit went on for a little longer but besides that little bit of jabbing, I believe the introduction probably would have been better if they had wrote it themselves. Sorry, writers.

Women-who-never-really-age-and-original-comedic-queens Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin blessed the crowd with their presence. They reminded everyone that even with the number of years they have had in the business, it is still a hurdle to see women get their due.

Throughout the show, the funny became a little weary (Amy & Tina disappeared for like 2 hours) and more heart-touching moments happened for me.

Remember how I said that I love the Golden Globes because they always come through with some recognition of diversity? Well that became evident again when first-time nominee and probably underdog of the category, Gina Rodriguez of CW’s Jane the Virgin, was presented the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Series, Comedy. I have to be honest, when Jane the Virgin premiered I meant to check it out but never got to it and now I think I need to! But not because Gina won this esteemed award but that her acceptance speech was so genuine and beautiful. After having to run from the back of the room to the stage, Rodriguez regained her composure and began her speech thanking God “for making her an artist”. After listing all her companions and supporters from the likes of CW to her family, Rodriguez’s most important part of her speech came and she stole my heart …

Like I tweeted during this moment, I don’t even watch this show and I almost cried for her. I am a fan of Gina Rodriguez.

Some more great moments came when PRIIINCE made an appearance to hand out the award for Best Original Song. This was presented to artists Common and John Legend for “Glory” from Selma (YES!) which also ignited another passionate speech from first-time nominee and winner Common.

e went on to explain his self-realization of working on the film; that his being lies in different personas like “… the caring white supporter killed on the frontlines of freedom, the unarmed black kid who maybe needed a hand but was instead given a bullet, and the two fallen police officers murdered in the line of duty …”

Common’s speech was the top reason why Selma should be winning all of the awards. But I digress …

Some moments I love seeing the most at awards shows are usually the “off-program” ones, the shots they get that are not happening on stage. Like this great love moment between nominee Viola Davis and Selma producer Oprah Winfrey

And nominee Benedict Cumberbatch making this photo of Meryl Streep and Margaret Cho (in character as a North Korean militant) 600 times better.

Of course I felt there were snubs. Ruth Wilson of The Affair received the Globe for Best Actress in a Drama Series over both Julianna Margulies and Viola Davis. Then once again, The Affair won Best Drama Series over my beloved The Good Wife. Will justice ever be served?! And lastly, to top all snubs of the night, Selma only went home with one award of their four nominations with Boyhood getting both awards for Best Director to Richard Linklater and Best Movie, Drama. Now I haven’t really kept up on these films lately, I still have more to seen including Boyhood. Yet, from the concept of it being filmed over 12 years to follow each character’s journey, that is pretty genius itself and I can see why it will probably be leading in this competition. But truthfully, Selma should not be far behind.

Overall this year’s Golden Globes, by my standards, were certainly okay. I have seen better from Amy & Tina in their first and second years (and thankfully can YouTube them), and had more appreciation for a greater variety of winners and presenters. I will say I can already tell it really won’t be as exciting at its former with those films like 12 Years A Slave, Gravity and Wolf of Wall Street. And not to take away from the films in the running this year, but besides Selma, I haven’t felt the need to see any. For one, the diversity is not as apparent and two I’m kind of not that interested in many of the stories. But I mean, award shows and film seasons definitely have their ups and downs between years, yet still remain to have a special place in my heart: the reason why you will always find me watching and live-tweeting each and every one of them. But hey we’re just one into the season and anything can still kind of happen, so here’s to seeing Emma Thompson present something this year and cheers to this awards season!

For all the show highlights, acceptance speeches, and more check out nbc.com

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